Well, we have some fabulous news to share, when Nicola and I went to Harrogate to look at some new gowns we simply fell in love with Kate Sherfords new collection.
What can I say, stunning ruching, amazing sparkles (we all know Nicola loves a sparkle) and some made in some of the most sumptious fabrics I have seen in ages.
Kate Sherford was so excited herself she was almost faint, I have to say that we bought 8 new dresses and here is the best bit…
They are being showcased in Oxford from today until next Thursday, then they are being show cased in Beaconsfield, THEN, KATE will be here with us next Saturday the 9th of October to see you in person.
So call today to see the gowns or book your appt to meet Kate, be fast as we really only have about 4 appts slots left.
NICOLA in Oxford on 01865 558 444
LAURA in Beaconsfield on 01494 674 440
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