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Well, what an exciting week! The family have been officially told, the phone calls and video messages have been made to Hong Kong and the USA, and close friends have been told when I have had the chance to see them in person.
It wasn’t until the phone call to the grandparents was taking place that it suddenly hit me how very real it is now! Thank you to everyone for your genuine excitement, happiness, and the rare tear!


Well what where we to do next? You would have thought it would be easy; I work in the industry and I have always dreamed of weddings. I still have the evidence of a young Acacia, aged ten, sketching all the wedding dress designs I could possibly imagine (no more than about six looking back before I was stumped; how many more options were there that didn’t take direct inspiration from a Disney Princess?!)

I am a visual learner; show me once and I’ll have mastered it forever. Ask me to imagine something out of nothing and I will stare at you as if you have two heads. If, like me, you are struggling to know where to start with your big day, I cannot recommend creating a mood board enough. If someone had asked me what my thoughts were a week ago, I would have had no words.
I could, however, show them my Pinterest board which I have summarised for you below:


Now do you know the kind of wedding I want? Exactly! My subconscious has told me I like citrus colours for a summer wedding, soft fabrics and pastel shades, I love cake in any form (I knew that!), I love Jimmy’s (Everybody knew that!), and it has to incorporate a lot of outside space.

The downside of Pinterest is suddenly it has become ‘normal’ to expect DIY favours to be successful, you find the perfect tree in the perfect place to hang the perfectly made tissue pom poms, and the general level of expectation for a “Wow” is a lot higher! If, however, we use it purely as an inspirational space, we may just about make it into married life still sane… (Says the girl with 1350 pins… not all weddings I might add! There’s the interior design ideas for the house I will never afford and the destination holidays I will never make it on…)

Because we all know somewhere like this, right?

forest wedding

Until next time,

Acacia X


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