Keep Calm: I Said Yes!


Or in this case… “I can’t keep calm; I said Yes!!”

I am Acacia and I am the Assistant Manager at Ellie Sanderson in Oxford. I am otherwise known as The IT Geek/ Printer Fixer/ Blog Writer/ Online Content Editor/Peanut Butter Cookie Maker, and now… BRIDE TO BE! Feel free to join me on my journey, from the moment I said Yes to the day we say ‘I Do’.

A little about us

I guess you better know a little about us before you begin to accept our weird and wonderful ways (and ideas!). Dean and I both attended the same secondary school, we lived a mile apart, half of our friendship group was mutual, and yet for four years we never met. Every social function either he attended or I did, we never crossed paths. Then on a March 2009 evening in our local supermarket, our mutual friends saw each other and stopped to catch up. Finally,we were both there that day. Taking advice from Sainsbury’s slogan at the time, we both soon agreed we would ‘Try something new today!’¬† Still together five years later, we have seen me go through university, Dean go through a ridiculous number of cars (9!!), we have bought our first house together, and adopted a kitten. Yikes!

the notebook

The Proposal

Do you want the first proposal or the second proposal story? Yes, you read that correctly. After a very happy six month honeymoon period at the beginning of our relationship, Dean declared that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and he knew, one day, he would marry me. A mutual agreement was emotionally formed and a wedding was always expected to happen ‘one day’. Four and a half years later, Dean proposed March 2nd 2014 on one muddy knee in the pouring rain on the bridge over the lake at Blenheim Palace, with a beautiful ring to hand.

Blenheim Bridge
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So that is our story to date. Next Monday I look forward to sharing with you the beginning of my plans; I will warn you now I may be a little bridezilla-esque… in the nicest way possible, of course. I value Excel Spreadsheets more than sliced bread, I like¬†love any form of a list, I relish full control over everything, and often enjoy the planning more than as much as the event itself.

I will keep you updated on my planning so far, flash pictures of my DIY projects, and who knows what else may occur! If you are getting married yourself, Congratulations! Let’s be on this roller-coaster together. If you are already married, your advice is most welcome! And if you are not even engaged… well sit back and enjoy the show!

Until next time,

Acacia X


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