Its all about the Knickers


Sexy but still demure. White, red or black? Lace, sheer or push up? Tassels?…okay that might be going too far, but you guessed it – today we are talking wedding lingerie, for which the options seem to be endless! We do have some good news though – you need two sets! The sadly boring set to wear during the day that will hide underneath your dress to give you that completely flawless look and the sexy see-through number you’ve seen in the window of Agent Provocateur that is totally impractical but totally gorgeous for the wedding night!

The lingerie you wear on the day is very much dependent on your dress, and something we always recommend buying before your first dress fitting. Plain and nude is the order of the day and avoiding any embellishments or lace is a must. Bows, horseshoes, bells and ribbons all look very pretty but trust us they will be seen so its best to stay safe and keep it plain.

Most of our dresses, like those by the lovely Suzanne Neville and Sassi Holford have amazing inbuilt corsets, these are designed to give you all the structure and support needed without a bra. However If you have a bigger bust say bigger than an E cup and feel you would like a bit of extra lift and support stick to a non padded underwired bra so it does not fight with structure of the dress. Nude is a great colour to choose and again keep it plain. Remember your gowns’ corset will hold you in but if you are full busted it you will need extra help to hold you up,  so a great bra will be a must. You also need to have this chosen prior to your first dress fitting as the wrong bra or no bra can change how your gown will look. We are happy to offer advise if you need it.


Girls with low cut unstructured dresses, like our Jenny Packham brides, if you are comfortable without a bra but would like a bit of protection our lovely seamstresses can sew bust cups into the dress itself, these are a great option that offer an extra level of shape and some reassurance against the elements! For brides needing some support, look for a longline ultimate plunge, Wonderbra have a great version wonder bra by Ultimate this fabulous little number will give you the support without peeping out and ruining that stunning low neckline.

For our beautiful girls with a statement back gown, underwear can be tricky. Again bust cups are a great option if you are comfortable without a bra, but if you would like more support do not despair! Stick on bras come in all shapes and sizes and although not offering the full lift of a normal bra can be a great alternative to achieve the look. There are also a huge range of multiway bras with backless extenders, these create a X across the lower back and wrap around your front, M&S have created a fab one MULTIWAY BRA  Another alternative is a full backless body, they offer the low back without giving up much on support, they also come in larger cup sizes for girls with a bigger bust, Ultimo have a version that comes up to a G cup BACKLESS BODY.


Make sure you have them for your dress fittings and keep the labels on just incase they have to go back.

The most important thing is to shop around and find something that is comfortable and fits you well! And don’t forget your second set, which doesn’t have to be comfortable or fit you well!





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