We are getting so excited about our Valentines accessory party. Lets face it, it doesnt take much to get Ellie and Ruth excited but a night with Polly Edwards in the house, creating gorgeous bridal hair pieces is too much to bear. Infact poor Ruth will need a nap before Polly arrives or she will be useless.

Because love is in the air we will be doing 10% off all items purchased on the night………there will also be some amazing sale veils, Ellie is a bit of a veil-aholic which means we have over 30 styles in the shop and another ten on the way and only the space for 20. So that means some big bargains in store. Dont forget there will be wine, live jazz and we are still trying desperately to book the chippendales.

If you have an appointment with Polly its key to be there about five minutes before hand, Polly has a lot of girls to see so we want to make sure you have her undivided artistic attention.

looking forward to seeing you all.
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