Wow doesn’t our gorgeous Laura look amazing in her SASSI HOLFORD gown bought from Ellie Sanderson. Laura wore Camilla and made a number of bespoke changes to make it her very own, she also had a gorgeous little jacket made to match. Laura was a total darling to work with.

I can still hear her crys for more Sparkle. Secretly Laura was a magpie and adding sparkle can be a challenge between under done and over done. Laura however got it spot on, she twinkled and sparkled as she moved and she looked incredible.
We added sparkle to the edge of her gown and around the edges of her Jacket, which was just perfect.
Laura also chose a Polly Edwards hair piece from Ellie Sanderson and wore it on the side of her low bun and guess what, it had sparkles too.
What a venue they had, Blenheim Palace no less, I am glad it was up to the job of being grand enough for Laura’s look! For the First dance she disappeared, took off her jacket, her veil and put on a totally sumptuous green velvet ribbon and wait for it, a sparkly brooch around her waist.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hess, you both look stunning and very sophisticated, happy new year!

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