How very excited we are to have some very fabulous new pieces of Magpie Vintage necklaces in the shops!
These gorgeous pieces are “one off” creations and will make the most amazing statement on your wedding day. Having said that, they are life long pieces to be treasured and you will still be wearing it on your 25th Wedding Anniversary – they really are an investment and look fabulous with anything from a wedding gown to a LBD or a crisp white shirt and well-cut jeans.
I am lucky enough to own two of these amazing necklaces, one bracelet and a pair of gorgeous earings. I cherish these pieces and five years on still marvel at their wonder …………
Well,enough from me, take a look for yourself.

A very gorgeous Magpie Vintage necklace and hair band
Lots of stnning beaded and diamante vintage necklaces !
A very vintage black and grey necklace that would make an amazing evening addition to your wedding dress!
 Why not  crank up the glamour for your first dance ?
Some of the stunning pieces in Beaconsfield store.
I think these amazing MV pieces speak for themselves, STUNNING, they are all unique and so when they are sold they are sold.There may be a similar one at a later date but never the exact same piece ever again. This makes them totally individual – kinda love that don’t you?
Drop in to either Oxford or Beaconsfield to see our Vintage cabinet crammed with our Magpie pieces and if you are lucky enough, we may let you try one on. You do need to understand though, that I really struggle to part with them…..
Ellie xx


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