Okay, its official, I am now a fully fledged grown up BRIDZILLA. I have no idea when this happened but feel it was somewhere between my meeting with our florist and my first dress fitting.

I have sleepless nights, I have planned and re-planned the day in my mind, changed colour schemes, changed music, changed flowers, changed shoes (daily) and then changed it all back again. My brief to myself has always been less is more, especially when you are, how shall I say, a mature bride! well on the wrong side of 40 anyway but I was in danger of over doing it.

I suddenly felt huge pressure to buy favours, exploding confetti tubes, crystal table jewells and I was being encouraged by my groom, he now wants dancing lessons, a videographer (2 weeks to go) and a very formal first dance. Madness really. I have put a stop to this before we lost sight of the fact that the day is about us and not STUFF!

The only consistant is my gorgeous SASSI HOLFORD wedding gown. I am of course a very lucky girl and SASSI has created a one off gown for me and I love it. No I mean really love it, the fabric, the cut, the swish, the back , the front, the details not forgetting her world famous corset, which is amazing. I get to put it on when I want, or rather when Gill or Beverly will allow me, waft around in it, check and double check my Jewellery and check and triple check my shoes…Sounds fabulous eh?? I buy Hello or Okay every week to see the celebrity wedding gowns and do you know what, mine is the best!

I do have a word or warning here and this is my current mantra…”DONT OVER THINK IT” I have fallen into the trap of being paralysed by choice so I have sat myself down and given myself a good talking to. I have stopped reading bridal magazines and I have stopped scouring the net for that pair of earings that dont exist, for the perfect rose petal confetti, vintage tee light holders. I have chosen all my jewellery, shoes and bits from my very own shelves and I love em. They are now all safely in my wedding box hidden under a bed in the spare room and I am now on count down to the big day (19th Sept 1.30pm!) and I just bought plain pink rose confetti..

Finally I feel calm. Decisions made and I am not changing anything now.

The other great part of all this excitment is my miracle weight loss, In January I started pounding the pavements with my personal training, I lost a pound a month. I convinced myself I had lost fat and gained muscle .. I ate well, drank less wine, more water and tried to keep active.. I lost a total of 5lbs in 6 months. Not earthshattering but well managed I feel. I am delighted to report that I have lost a further 5lbs in the last two weeks, I am of course thrilled, Sassi was of course not thrilled when I could have fitted me and a small bridesmaid in my gown…

So, If this is ringing any bells out there and I know it is, lets join together and be happy to know that all this is perfectly normal pre wedding lunacy…

Must dash, been up since 4am, off to grab 40 winks before I open the shop x
p.s the picture at the top is nothing like my dress, DAVID!!(groom and avid follower of my blog!)

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