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2020 has been an amazing year for wedding dress fashion. We have seen weddings shrink from over a hundred guests to thirty then down to fifteen. Back in March 2020 I started thinking about how the Pandemic would impact on weddings and dress choices. It has had some impact but our brides are still wanting to wear a fabulous dress for their special day and that will never change. So many brides that now have more disposable income (lucky girls) are actually spending a little more to have the dress they dreamed of just because they can. Lets face it, we have had a tough year and buying something you look forward to wearing is liberating.

What has also been really fascinating for me, is that brides have decided to separate the ceremony from the party. Our brides are looking for an outfit to wear to the ceremony then another dress for the party at a later date when things are more settled. Its also fair to say that many are just delighted to have small intimate weddings as they can remove the angst of a big day with no guilt. Others still grieve the loss of their dreams ( for now ) for a big wedding and they will get their day when its safe.

2021 Weddings | Ellie Sanderson

Either way we have got an amazing 2021 collection from designers like Sassi Holford, Suzanne Neville, Jesus Peiro and Love and Liberty. From ball gowns, to jumpsuits, from short flirty dresses, palazzo pants and tops to understated modern styles. We have got you covered.

The cool and Saskia by Sassi Holford

Jesus Peiro at Ellie Sanderson

Stunning, modern and edgy jumpsuit by Jesus Peiro

Constance by sassi

Constance by Sassi Holford


micro weddings


Micro wedding style

The utterly adorable Lilian by Love and Liberty


micro wedding style

Gorgeous Aruna Seth wearing Karina and look at those shoes !

Suzanne Neville - Zarina

The fun and flirty Zarina

2021 and 2022 will be incredibly busy wedding years. The COVID backlog of weddings will mean that there will be hundreds of thousands of joyous couples ready to marry.

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