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A few of our wedding pictures by STEVE BARRY

Wow, how time flys. I cant believe that our wonderful wonderful wedding was three weeks ago. I have had so many emails of congratulations and girls asking to see the official photographs so I have posted a few on here for you to see.
We had an amazing photographer called Steve Barry. Steve has an incredible style and his work can only be described as art. Marrying a photographer meant that we had to have the best photographer for our wedding and thats exactly what Steve is. His style as you will see is very dramatic, the skys in some shots are dropped in for effect, the grass is greener and often shaded, there are amazing angles and movement shots. This kind of style requires some time with him on your day, not too long but enough for him to work his magic. We spent just over an hour and a half with Steve on our own. We made sure our guests were entertained with lots of champers, food and a wonderful Magician and off we went. David and I were so excited about this bit of our day and we had a ball, me running towards David, me draped on stair cases whilst David looks on, lying on the grass with the house behind us! Anyway, we cannot recommend Steve enough. Have a look at our pictures and if you love them, give him a call or follow the link to STEVE BARRY

My advice on a choosing a photographer is simple, pick some one you like and feel comfortable with, check out their website and work and dont be surprised to pay between £2000 – £3000. A photographer may be at your wedding for only 6-8 hrs but he has at least 30 -40 hours post production to give you the pictures that you will love for a life time.. I can tell you there is no better feeling than coming back from your honeymoon to some amazing pictures that capture your day perfectly. Thank you Steve, I love em!

Have a look at the ones above, a really small selection of me in my gorgeous lace SASSI HOLFORD GOWN and my stunning SASSI HOLFORD coat. I had the time of my life wearing them both.


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