Mrs T, Wedding planner | chats with Ellie


Mrs T, Wedding planner | chats with Ellie

I love chatting with creative people in the wedding industry, especially those filled with positivity and energy.  Constance who is Mrs T Weddings is that and more. She is a luxury wedding planner with wonderful style and heaps of experience. Over a cuppa I asked her – why use a wedding planner ?

Read on as I am now 100% on board.

Why use a wedding planner?

Mrs T Weddings

I would use this lady just because she can walk in heels on cobbles !

Stress relief

A good wedding planner will relieve a multitude of stresses you are having organising your big day. These might include decision-making around suppliers, managing family expectations and grappling with budgets. Wedding planners are here to make your to-do list shorter, so that you and your fiancé are able to enjoy the experience of approaching your wedding.

Professional expertise

Your wedding is one of the biggest significant life events that you will experience. If organising events is something you have limited or no experience of, you should strongly consider investing in professional help. A wedding is a big undertaking and the logistics are vast. If you are feeling nervous or lacking confidence, a wedding planner will help you feel in control of your day. If your car was broken, you would take it to a mechanic. In the same way, if you feel out of your depth planning your wedding, you should employ a trusted professional.

Saving Time

The average wedding takes 528 hours of planning. This time, on top of a full-time job and the general busyness of life can feel overwhelming and exhausting. A wedding planner will give you the gift of time – taking away all of the time-consuming tasks that eat away at your spare time and weekend. We understand how hectic life can be and we are here to help.


Your wedding planner is your biggest ally in putting together the day of dreams. Your best interests are their number one focus. This means they will help you navigate worries and concerns, and they will be completely honest with you when helping to make decisions. They are the gatekeeper, negotiator, peace-keeper and buffer between you and possible sources of conflict, interference or external pressure.

Budget management

While weddings are a beautiful outward celebration of love, there is no escaping there are costs involved in achieving the best day of your life. A good wedding planner will keep you on track with your budget and can stop the costs spiralling. Planners often have access to supplier discounts and can negotiate quotes of your behalf. Having a range of suppliers at their fingertips, they have the insider knowledge of who can best execute your dream style and aesthetics and match-make you with the perfect people for the job, without breaking the bank.

Constance at work on the detail

So there it is.

Having a wedding planner seems a very sensible thing to do, American brides always have them and so no matter how big or small ( at the moment ) your wedding is its like having your own fairy godmother to keep you on track. Someone who is an expert in their field and can save you time, money and reduce stress is only a good thing right ? We help lots of her brides find their dress and its great for us knowing they are in expert hands.

Dont take my word for it – pop over and see the wonderful show case of weddings on Constance’s website.

Mrs T Weddings 

Ellie x

ps tonight Constance turns the tables on me with a live INSTAGRAM INTERVIEW  – eeeekkk  ( 17th November at 6pm on Instagram – Mrs T Weddings  


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