THE AWARDS CEREMONY – 700 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My very excited husband DAVID BOSTOCK, getting carried away as they announced ELLIE SANDERSON as the winner,.

Joanna, Ellie and the lovely Laura all thrilled and proud!

That will be me screaming and waving our AWARD

Okay, I know I always say that we have the most gorgeous shop in Buckinghamshire but now its official, and now its the most GORGEOUS SHOP IN THE UK… I am totally thrilled to have won this award, and we are all still floating on air!
I am passionate about three things.
Firstly, fabulous customer service, second, stocking only the worlds best bridal designers and finally, maintaining a gorgeous shop. I feel that every bride deserves this as a minimum.
Winning this award for the UKS best bridal shop display and layout is just confirmation that all our hard work has payed off.
On Monday night the UKs top designers, manufacturers, bridal shop owners along with the worlds bridal press gathered in Harrogate and amidst the speeches, big screens and razamatazz Ellie Sanderson was anounced as one of the seventeen winners.
I was totally over the moon to walk away as Winner and just want to thank all my fabulous girls who are driven mad daily with my constant desire to change the windows, clean, refresh displays, fresh flowers , new candles to match the season, painting, cleaning the carpets and so on. Well done guys you are the best.
In fact 2010 is going to be a heck of a year for Ellie Sanderson, we launch our new e-commerce site next month, selling all our fabulous accessories on line, we have just secured deals with some brilliant accessory designers like Yarwood White, Katzi and Halo and co. So we are just brimming with excitement.
And if thats not enough watch this space for information on our NEW SHOP in Oxford, it will be un-veiled in the weeks ahead and it will be every bit as gorgeous as Beaconsfield. Heres the best bit , it will have Suzanne Neville, Alan Hannah, Mia Mia and a few more amazing world class designers.
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