Okay, I am totally totally excited. I have been looking to add some new designers to the boutique and over the last year I have had my eye on two designers who I adore.

One, is CYMBELINE The success of CYMBELINE is down to the hard work of three sisters who decided to revolutionize the bridal industry. This was thirty years ago.

The three sisters were known for their creativity, experimenting with avant-garde cuts and elaborate fabrics.Their design studio was like a research laboratory, with thousands of swatches of the best fabrics from France as well as exclusive fabrics from all around the world- Calais lace, Organza jacquards, embroideries or taffetas and Thai silk.

They became famous for mixing the traditional with modern, and these three speical sisters knew how to adapt the traditional methods of “haute couture” into modern designs: new techniques using the latest fabrics allowed for the corset designs to be comfortable and supportive.

Not content with that they introduce young talented designers into the company each season to ensure fresh ideas are constantly introduced. This, along with the handwriting of the three sisters who impose their romantic and modern touch to the brand, attracts brides from all over the world making CYMBELINE one of the world leaders in the bridal industry today and me a very happy girl to have them in the boutique.

I currently have three gorgeous cymbeline gowns and the rest of the collection should be with me by the end of April. Infact my windows are totally dedicated to this designer, so if you are driving past take a look and you will see why I am so very excited. Infact I will let you into a little secret, I have tried them all on and I love them to bits , the designer thought I was insane when she came to the shop but within ten minutes I had my clothes off and Ruth had me in my first dress of the day, they feel so romantic. It didnt stop there, I had another 10 on within an hour and made my choice. Its a tough job that I have but someone has to do it.

oh, and as for the other designer, I am afraid I cant tell you yet, big exclusivity deal going on.. watch this space.

Ellie and the girls x
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