I am beyond excited to share with you these gorgeous pictures.
This is our lovely Kathy who married last spring in a wonderful Suzanne Neville gown called Aster, ……..with a few bespoke changes of course!

We were thrilled when we bumped into Kathy and Paul to discover their exciting “baby on its way” news!

The very special Samuel Baker was born on Feb 27th at 4.36 am meaning Kathy and Paul celebrated their first wedding anniversary only last week with their little boy on their knee!!

Samuel Baker 

Kathy, Paul and Samuel

Grandma Langdon

We are so proud to have been a part of this amazing love story and so, so very proud to announce baby Samuel as Oxford store’s first Baby !! ( p.s fast work you two!)
Love to you all and to Grandma Langdon who was a fabulous M.O.B
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