Well, what a night!!! we had a ball and we hope you did too, judging by the emails we have had today I would say that you did!
We had a real Valentine theme for the evening with Red Roses everywhere and glittering tee-lights to set the scene for a real girls night in. And a girls night in it was,the boutique was jumping. There were girls tottering around in gorgeous shoes, girls wearing veils with their jeans, girls discussing the infinate details and benefits of crystals versus AB crystals in their Tiaras.
Crazy Jazz was playing and by 8pm the windows were steamed up with excitement. After a busy night chatting and buying glorious bits for their big day the last brides left at 9.45pm and yes you guessed it, one was the BRIDZILLA mentioned in my last blog entry, accompanied by her gorgeous and ever patient friend. In fact I do think we had to ask her to leave as she wanted to stay and play with all my yummy new viels by Nieve Couture http://www.nieve-couture.com/
take a look, just totally lovely and sparkly and soft.
So a great night and today many request for another so get your diaries out. The 10th of April will be our next date and of course your invite will arrive by magic via email.
Thanks to everyone who came and made it fun and thanks to my great girls who always patient and totally fabulous. x

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