How lucky are Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, they are having not one but two wedding cakes. They have chosen Leicestershire-based cake designer Fiona Cairns to create their wedding cake, Fiona Cairns without doubt will be feeling the pressure but I am certain this modern young couple will be really clear on what they want. Fiona makes gorgeous luxury wedding cakes and yes she is totally British!! woo hoo .

In addition, the couple have also asked McVitie’s Cake Company to create a chocolate biscuit cake for the reception at Buckingham Palace. The chocolate biscuit cake will be made from a Royal Family recipe and was specially requested by Prince William. I bet its a giant Jaffa cake ! how blinking fabulous would that be ??

Anyway , Fiona – loads of luck on making the most special and fabulous cake of your life.
Check this link to see the interview with Fiona Cairns.

Ellie and the gang x

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