In our time working with weddings, attending them, and hearing about them we come across all sorts of food variations on wedding menus. Afternoon Tea and Hog Roasts are still enjoying their prime time, whilst the traditional wedding breakfast lives on. Over the last few years traditional wedding cakes have been swapped for cupcakes, cake pops, and macaroons. ‘Cheese cakes’ (strategically stacked cheese, not the infamous New York dessert) are another popular alternative with guests alike.

In the last eighteen months or so, we have slowly seen the revolution of the traditional ‘canape’. No longer is smoked salmon and caviar on a blini expected, or a delicate combination of Haloumi, fig, prosciutto and honey. Rise the year of the Mini- Burger, the Ice Cream Bike, and the doll sized newspaper wrapped fish and chips.

We have created a mini-collage of some unusual canapes captured at weddings around the world:


Are you choosing something unusual?

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