OUR CHARLY and her Tom

What fun we had working with Charly, she had some serious style goals and we knew she was going to look incredible.

We loved Charlys mum too and spent many a fitting or styling appointment talking about shoes and girls things, miss them both deeply. When Charly came to the shop she described in perfect detail the kind of wedding she was going to have, she knew how she wanted to look and feel and so she was a dream to dress.

Charly was soon head over heels in love with Suzanne Neville and with a bit of styling from team Sanderson we had a day and night look nailed, everyone thought she had changed when all she did was whip off her long sleeved jacket, bustle her skirt adorn herself with a sparkly belt and boom.

This week our gorgeous Charly is featured on and you can see for your self all the wonderful images of her in her EPIC Suzanne Neville dress. Don’t miss the Louboutins either.



thanks to M and J photography for sharing the love in their images

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