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Emma + Trevor  | 31.08.18


Today we’re talking to Emma, gorgeous Emma in THAT Sassi Holford dress! Emma and Trevor had a romantic, whimsical wedding with touches of pink, a Dansfield House reception and the most beautiful summer sunset! Read on to be inspired by their day…





Team ES | Tell us about your proposal?

Emma | The proposal was really unexpected even though we had been together for 11 years. Trevor was born in South Africa so it was always a dream of ours to go there together. When we woke up in Cape Town and the sun was shining T suggested we go up Table Mountain with our family who had also joined up on the trip. Once at the top of Table Mountain the views were absolutely breath-taking but T seemed not to notice and kept walking very fast and away from the safe towpaths as I know realise he was trying to find a quiet private spot to propose. Down a dangerous unmanned path, I said I’m not going down here any further and turned to walk back up to the towpath, he called my name and I turned around to find him on one knee. I couldn’t believe it! I think I said something like “are you sure?!” and then a very ecstatic yes! We found our family and had some bubbles at the top of the mountain and got a cheer from the cable car on the way down the mountain. He really couldn’t have planned the big romantic gesture better! It was magical.

Team ES | Did you pick up any tips during the planning stage?

Emma | Everyone always says this but it is so true. Do not sweat the small stuff, it’s going to be an amazing day no matter what happens. Also make sure you as a couple make the decisions for you and if you are into making things yourself or are a bit creative like we are, do some bits yourself, it really saves money and makes the whole day feel so personal and attuned to you as a couple!







Team ES | What was your wedding dress experience like?

Emma | I had been to a few bridal shops and found a dress I really liked but my sister wasn’t with me and there was a little doubt in my mind so I told her I’d go back with her and see it again. Meanwhile she booked us into Ellie Sanderson as she had heard fantastic things. I knew I wanted something a little different, and didn’t want a white/ivory dress. The Marilyn called out amongst the ivory gowns with its floral detail and soft pink tulle. I thought it was the most gorgeous dress I’d ever seen but didn’t think it would look good on me. The Ellie Sanderson team were encouraging, helpful and genuinely helpful and enthusiastic which made the experience a real joy.

Team ES | How did you choose the ‘THE ONE’?

Emma | I tried the Marilyn Gown but it was so different to anything I had seen before or what I thought I’d wear that I didn’t realise it was the one immediately. When I came out in the dress my sister and mum started crying, I had not had that reaction in any other bridal shop or in any other dress from them. The staff were incredible and gave their truthful opinion about why this dress looked good on me but I was feeling conflicted as I had thought I’d found ‘the one’ in another store and it was so different from a lacey sparkly number I thought I’d have. Eira was fantastic and knew just what to do. She asked me to go into the changing room and look in the mirror by myself for a few moments. I did and when I looked in the mirror I actually imagined myself walking down the aisle and my husband’s reaction to me in this dress and began welling up myself. It sounds ridiculous but when I looked in the mirror I felt beautiful and that is something women allow ourselves to think all that often.  That’s when I knew it was the one.







Team ES | What did you love most about your dress?

Emma | I loved the floral detailing and the soft pink hue of the gown. The applique rose detail on the shoulder was so beautiful and delicate. I loved that it was still bridal but unique which was what I really wanted.

Team ES | Where did you get your wedding inspiration from?

Emma | Like most brides I used Pinterest so much! I had boards for everything from favour ideas to flowers, to bridesmaids’ dresses and venue styling and just took the ideas and T and I then made things ourselves like the favours, confetti bags and invitations. I also read blogs like Rock and Roll bride for inspiration.
Team ES | Did you follow the something old, something new… tradition?
Emma | Yes, my something new was a pair of diamond and pearl earrings from my hubby to be, blue was on my garter and old and borrowed was a pin with a series of charms on it I carried with me on the day, some old, some blue and some borrowed.



Team ES | We loved your style, were you following a certain theme for your wedding?

Emma | For me the dress became the inspiration for the theme with its rose detailing and pink and green tones.  I used the colours in the dress as the colour scheme and wanted a romantic and whimsical look to match the dress. I had swatches of the Marilyn fabric sent to me and used those with the florist, and with our talented mother in law who made our wedding cake so the dress really did inspire all the other features of the day. We had greenery running all along our tables and a lot of roses to match my dress in the bouquets and arrangements. Once I found the dress it all started to slot into place for me and I knew what I wanted the big day to look like. T was really hands on and helpful too and despite him not knowing what the dress looked like he liked the colours we went for and the styling so I didn’t have to give anything away!

Team ES | Did you walk down the aisle to a particular song?


Emma | Yes I walked down the aisle to ‘One Hand, One Heart’ from Westside Story. I studied performing arts and was a singer and actor for a long time and just adore the music in Westside story and that song in particular. It was slow enough and stately enough whilst still being personal to me.

Team ES | What about your first dance song and did you practice your dance or completely wing it?

Emma | Two very talented friends of mine Tom Byrne and Florence King did a gorgeous vocal duet of The Book of Love accompanied by guitar for us live on the day for our first dance. They sent us a recording which we used to practice a few moves and did have two private dance lessons before the day so did have something loosely prepared. To be honest we ran out of time to practice, forgot it all and with my dress being quite big we just winged it on the night in the end!








Team ES | Most memorable moment of the day?

Emma | There are so many, walking into the church was an amazing and surreal experience, with an audible gasp from the congregation when I walked in (Thank you Marilyn!) T and I did a joint speech which was nerve wracking but actually so fun and I think it went down well! T and I also had some time alone at sunset and that was really special to actually just take a breath and be together to say “we did it!” and slow down for a moment as the whole day did go like a whirlwind.

Team ES | Tips for brides to be, what one thing would you recommend?

Emma | If something goes wrong on the day or in the lead up, stay calm as the show must go on and nobody will even notice. Everyone there loves you and you will really feel that warm glow and support in abundance on the day so use that to carry you through any nerves.

Also, (and I know everyone always says this) but you must also take some time together on the day, I was warned so many times that the day will go so quickly but nothing prepares you for how quick it actually goes when it’s your day. It is so special and one of the highlights of the day for me that T and I got to steal that private sunset moment for each other and it did help slow things down for us and take it all in. Lastly enjoy each and every moment!





Team ES | What are you both up to now, did you go on honeymoon?

Emma | We did, we went to Sardinia a few days after the wedding which was perfect to lie on a beach, swim in the sea and eat fantastic food. I’m so glad we had that time together to celebrate and recover after the adrenaline rush of the lead up and wedding day.


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Photographer: Emma Watts

Venue: Dansfield House

Catering: Dansfield House

Florist: Seventh Heaven

Bride dress: Sassi Holford Marilyn 

Bride shoes: Dune

Bride Jewellery: Earrings by Goldmiths

Perfume: Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle

MUA: Alice Derbyshire

Hair: Alice Derbyshire

Grooms outfit details: Custom Moss Bros

Bridesmaids outfit details: Vera Wang White Collection from David’s Bridal, Stratford




Happy Wedding Planning!

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