Here at Ellie Sanderson we are committed to sustainability within the wedding industry.

We do this through the designers we work with, the practices they use, and our own company strategy to be more mindful of our effect on the environment.

All of our pieces, be it dresses, veils or accessories, are made to order meaning wastage is kept extremely low. Any wastage is re-used or recycled by our suppliers, and we are proud of their processes.

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Ellie Sanderson with team members and bridal models


The designers we work with source their fabrics as close to home as they can and, where possible, use production techniques that are environmentally friendly and represent the slow fashion movement.

We also ensure that their production is ethical in terms of their carbon footprint and safe working conditions for their team. We absolutely would never work with companies whose working conditions and pay weren’t up to standard.

When we order collections with our designers, we are proud to say we are not held to minimum orders, meaning every dress we stock has been hand picked by us.

We don’t have to take dresses that are made and not wanted!

And when we want to move a dress on, we never throw a garment away. We will always sell the sample on, helping it fulfil its purpose, or if an item is damaged, we will pass it on to a business who can use it in another way, such as a local theatre group.

Finally, we are proud to stock 29 Atelier. Their ethos and commitment to sustainability and considered approach to dressmaking are just some of the reasons we fell in love with this brand.



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