RISH Wedding Dress

Ellie Sanderson is excited to announce that RISH wedding dresses have landed in our Woodstock boutique.

Yoav Rish, an Israeli born designer, has been designing wedding dresses for over 10 years. Renowned for exhibiting modern vibes from across the world, his designs empower modern brides and accentuate their beauty from the inside out.

Daring To Be Different

RISH designs exquisite, one-of-a-kind dresses that are uniquely yours. With exceptional attention to detail, RISH knows how to design a wedding dress that makes all your dreams come true!

A RISH wedding dress is a perfect choice for the adventurous bride. Embodying bohemian whimsy, a RISH gown empowers brides to feel as comfortable and confident as they are beautiful. RISH gowns offer a stunning balance of glamour and relaxation, hugging and flattering every curve to accentuate your figure and illuminate your natural beauty.

Using the finest materials and best sewing technology, RISH dresses boast feminine lace, light chiffons and silky soft satins. Floral appliques, delicately beaded crochet and fringe detail, help RISH achieve the ultimate Boho-Glam style. The innovative, architectural silhouettes and intricate embroideries are perfect for brides looking to emphasise their unique style.


RISH bridal gowns are designed to fit and flatter the bodies of all brides, including plus-size and curvy figures. These luxurious gowns ooze romance and glamour, capturing what it means to be a Boho bride. Gliding down the aisle in a RISH bridal gown will illuminate your confidence as well as your natural beauty. And without a doubt, you will take your partner’s breath away.

RISH Wedding Dresses Available At Ellie Sanderson’s Woodstock Bridal Boutique

As a preferred designer for a growing base of stylish Boho brides, RISH bridal gowns have now landed at Ellie’s Woodstock studio in Oxfordshire.

Looking for a dress to make your dreams come true as you waltz into married life? RISH has you covered with a wide selection of Boho-Glam designs as unique as you are. Shop the collection at Ellie’s Woodstock boutique and find the dress of your dreams!



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