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Over the next few weeks we will be discussing the love we hold for the labels we have sell.

First up is Sassi Holford. I fell in love with Sassi Holford dresses in 2006. It wasn’t hard to fall in love with them, as they stand tall against so many other labels out there. They are Stylish and classy,  timeless yet modern. Made in exceptional fabrics that we utterly adore. So much so that we are proud to have sold them for over 13 years and I picked Sassi to design my dress for me all those years ago.

Sassi by name and Sassy by nature her dresses all have a real personality about them. Over the years I have loved so many for their timeless brilliance and cut. Samantha will always be in my heart. She is the epitome of elegance and pure girly delight. Soft English tulle ball gown, ten years on she is still a winner and all those fabulous girls who wore her back then will agree me I know.

There have been many firsts with Sassi, she led the way with the fit and flare silhouette, she nailed the clean unfussy and very elegant crepe dress that is now on every catwalk. She led the way toppers and jackets until the mass market grabbed them. Detachable sleeves and necklines.  She did it first and that is why we buy her collection. She gets there first.

In summary here are the personal and business reasons we buy Sassi Holford

Reasons to love Sassi Holford

  1. We love the fact that they are hand made in Taunton, England.
  2. We trust 100% that Sassi Holford will deliver on time, in perfect condition a hand made beautiful dress exactly as we requested.
  3. Being able to offer bespoke design changes or fabric changes on all Sassi Holford dresses means you can personalise and make the dress of your dreams.

Finally, our new Sassi Holford Collection is in store and below are a few of our favourites.

Saskia by Sassi Holford

The delicious Iris also available in soft colour

Connie – take a little look at the incredible pattern cut under the arms

Clean, sexy and classic Jessica



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