Congratulations to all the lovely girls who bought their gowns during our SASSI HOLFORD weekend. What a great fun day we had, some girls bought their long loved gown and one or two did a complete U turn and bought a totally new gown in a totally different style. One thing that is for sure, every girl that bought a SASSI HOLFORD gown knows she will have an amazing corset, a terrific cut and a fabulous classic but stylish gown.
How lucky we were to have such stunning girls in ,all in one day, I just wanted to put them all in the windows..
SASSI is renowed for leading the bridal fashion industry and her 2009 collection certainly does that. New fabrics from Italy such as a stunning taffeta damask and beautiful soft soft lace with swishy edges, just gorgeous.
We absolutely love selling SASSI HOLFORD gowns as we know we will always be first in the style stakes with girls flocking hundreds of miles to try them on in our boutique.
By 2010 all the manufacturers will copy her unique style but not quite manage it.
SASSI HOLFORD corsets are a trade secret that she has been perfecting for over 20 years, shaving a 1/16 of an inch off here and there to get the perfect fit that she is world famous for.

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