Last night I was talking to my lovely other half about who he would want at his side on our wedding day. Like most men he then rattles off a load of names… the guys from the football team, the band, family, friends from college and work, the list kept growing! as the non engaged bridezilla I already have a budget in mind for my wedding, but one thing I forgot to budget for were the groomsmen!

Ian carried on with… and Bob will be my best man, Frank, Bill, John, Ted, Bert will be the ushers and Oscar, Oliver and James the page boys (I have changed the names as do want to keep some of my wedding a surprise!)

Ladies this was quite unexpected I almost spat out some of my wine as he was talking, I never quite imagined he wanted all of this but, because he is the loving man he is (reason why I’m with him!) he doesn’t want to leave anyone out or hurt anyone’s feelings! Whereas all I’m thinking about is who we can cut back on to ensure that I have the money for my dream dress.

So here are my money saving tips,

  • You must limit the ushers, its great if you win the lottery to have them all but if Ian has his way he would have about 20! So here whats on my mind – are lots of ushers really needed?? it is great to have someone ‘ushering’ people to their seats and helping the day run smoothly. If you are having a small boutique wedding you could ask friends to help and give out some key tasks so that they can ensure all happens when it should.
  • If you do decide your wedding is such a size that ushers are a must then the great news is you could ask them to wear their own lounge suit in black or grey. This will still look smart with a simple flower corsage and will save you an average of £100 per Usher in not hiring suits.
  • You can also get the ushers to wear a cream shirt and supply the tie to match the bridesmaids, again another great way to save some cash. To be honest most blokes would prefer a lounge suit to being trussed up in something formal that doesn`t quite fit.

So my 20 Ushers are now 2 Friends saving me lots of money. Well that’s my stunning veil, fabulous shoes, and vintage inspired jewellery covered, with enough change for a few cheeky cocktails to celebrate saving money! I know this sounds a little mercenary but I can promise you it does run away with you if you are not keeping it in check!

Page boys are another unexpected expense- But how cute is a little man in a suit! again keep an eye on numbers, too many page boys and it becomes more like a 5 aside than a wedding! they will probably never wear it again. I would suggest looking on the high street like BHS or John Lewis where you can pick an outfit up for around £30 each and they look just as wonderful.

So my overall feeling is that ushers can become expensive. Be wise and shop on the high st during sale and don’t be afraid to ask your male friends to wear their own fabulous suits and shirts.

The groom of course can have anything he wants, well within reason.. my dress must come 1st!

looking forward to seeing you all in oxford soon

The non engaged bridezilla

aka- Nicola

ps– the handsome man above is not Ian, although Ian if your reading this sorry but he is quite dishy x

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