You know who you are!!
I had to write this story. I have a lovely bride who bought her gown from us last year, when she came in for her consultation she asked her best friend and advisor to come along and help. Now, her best friend and advisor knows as much about the industry as any one I have met. She then confessed to me that she had won bride of the year and never been a bride, is desperate to get married and wait for it………..has chosen the venue, the ring, the dress, the flowers and the groom. All she now needed to do is sit back and wait for the big proposal.
I hear this a lot, what is wrong with the men of Britain, a gorgeous young woman, who would love to cater to his every whim, clean his home, cook for his family, pick up his socks and all he has to do to achieve this is say………. “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. And some how they choke on it.
Anyway, how excited was I on Tuesday to receive a call to tell me he had finally asked and she was coming in!!!!!!! How scared was I on Tuesday when she confessed that she was sitting outside stalking the joint and needed to try on a dress NOW!
Anyway she came in tried on a Stephanie Allin, a Sassi Holford and a Ritva Westenius. She looked gorgeous and has now booked the boutique for a whole day to try on every single dress I ever bought.

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