Signature scent


Have you got your signature scent??
If not why not??
Thats what an Ellie Sanderson bride said that to me last year about a month before my wedding and I have to say its quite odd that my response was no. I am a bit of a candle burner and love scents. I could tell you the perfume I was wearing the night I met my husband, I know what candles I burn every Christmas and I don’t allow myself to start burning them till December as the smell tells me Christmas is coming. So smell, scents etc are high on my agenda.

So, why had I not thought about my signature scent for my wedding day? I mean, I am Ellie Sanderson and my world is weddings. As soon as I finished beating myself up for missing such an obvious part of my planning I got on with the job straight away.

It was simple – I headed to London and Jo Malone, I chose Lime Basil for the ceremony, uplifting and fresh, I invested in over 20 candles (husband didn’t and still doesn’t know how much they cost, lets hope he never buys me one or it may be the last gift I get!) I knew the minute those doors opened and I walked in to marry my David I would feel welcomed not only by his smiling face but also by my comforting and gorgeous smelling candles.

I decided on Mont Blanc, the perfume I wore the night I met David, and he remembered. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I felt my wedding was now complete with its very own smell, god I hope men don`t read this blog!

You can therefore imagine my excitement when one of our designers decided to launch a perfume, a body lotion and candles -I went into meltdown… all matching and captured in your head forever. SIGNATURE SCENT CITY!!!

Suzanne Neville is the leading lady responsible for this fabulous new collection of wedding scents. Its always hard to capture the essence of a scent but it is so perfect for a wedding day, subtle, feminine, floral without being sickly – just fabulous.

We now have the whole collection of scent, body lotion and candles in both Oxford and Beaconsfield stores, perfect Christmas gift for yourself I feel. Pop in and have squirt, you will fall in love with it..and I have saved you the huge embarrasment of forgetting to have this organised 🙂

Ellie x


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