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Choosing bridesmaids dresses can seem an almost impossible task. How on earth will you find one dress that suits everyone in your group whilst avoiding all the 80’s bridesmaid clichés  i.e. something ruffled in peach?! Not to mention finding one style and colour that everyone actually agrees on!

Our Beaconsfield boutique might have the answer in the brand new Sorella Vita Collection. We are really proud to be stocking Sorrella Vita at Ellie Sanderson, we believe they really do stand out from the crowd as something romantic and elegant that is practical for every group of ‘maids, including the size 8’s and the size 16’s, the bigger busted and the smaller!

Darker shades for a dramatic look

Darker shades for a dramatic look

The collection brings together a range of glam gowns with peep hole backs and strapless necklines, through to more understated styles in gorgeous floating chiffon, allowing each of your maids’ individual style and taste to shine through. One particular gown to try called Maid Your Way comes in a range of colours and lengths and can be wrapped or tied in over 18 different variations to create a style that suits every single one of your girls.

Maid Your Way

Maid Your Way

In Italian Sorella Vita means ‘sisters for life’, although a tad on the cheesy side, we can’t help but love the concept! Your maids really are your best friends and sisters, they are the ones who will get you through your wobbles and freak-outs about flowers and seating plans, so why not treat them to one of these gorgeous gowns.

Beautiful in blue

Beautiful in blue

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