How to Start Your Seating Plan


You have all the RSVP’S safely returned and now you have to make The Seating Plan.
This can be a little bit like planning a military operation but start ‘rough planning’ well ahead of time, always remembering that there may be some last minute alterations if a guest cannot attend for any reason and has to cancel.

Whether you have a very formal wedding or something much more relaxed, the seating plan is something which you need to get right so that your guests will enjoy your special occasion to the full. Most people prefer some kind of assigned seating.
By giving assigned seats, you immediately avoid any kind of ‘scrum’ to get the best seats and therefore avoid a situation where friends, relatives and even couples can  get split up when it is time to sit down and are left anxiously looking for a last minute place, rather like a game of Musical Chairs!

In a formal setting, it is best to give specific individual seating for each guest with beautifully written place names.
If the reception is more informal you might just want to assign guests to a particular table and let them sort out who sits where.
Whatever, you do need to consider the needs of your guests…..and a clearly displayed seating plan is a must in the reception area so people can find their seat well before the meal is announced.

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Make sure elderly guests are put where they can see and hear clearly….preferably not next to loud music! They will want to chat.
Also, you may consider a children’s table ( they are not really interested in the speeches anyway ) although you may need someone to keep control/ entertain so parents must not be too far away.
Anyone who is making a speech needs to be placed strategically so everyone can see and hear when they take to the microphone.
Guests with special requirements, disabilities, young babies, the elderly need to be near toilets and exit doors with good access…. so consider this too.

However, the main thing is to seat your guests considerately and thoughtfully so they will have a really good time at your wedding.
You don’t need to put couples side by side unless they know absolutely no-one else at all in which case it might be best but do try and match people of similar ages, or interests, personalities, professions etc. and use a male/female/male/female pattern.
Oh and don’t forget, weddings are notoriously good places for couples to meet so you might like to do a bit of mischievous match-making!!
As you are relaxing and enjoying a glass of champagne following the ceremony, you want to look out and see people chatting, smiling, getting along famously and really enjoying the day.
These happy memories will stay with you forever.

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Written by Barbara, Sales Consultant for Ellie Sanderson in Beaconsfield

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