Getting your wedding day look right is very important; it needs to work with your theme, ensure you look the best you have ever looked, whilst still capturing the essence of YOU! One of the most popular looks over the last two years has been inspired by the romance of years gone by. ‘Vintage’ is certainly a well used word, that is by no means worn out yet. In fact, it is timeless.

What does ‘Vintage’ mean?

Well that depends who you are asking. In short, it suggests something of high quality from the past, among the best of its kind. The most popular look at the moment is inspired by the Roaring Twenties, the Great Gatsby Art Deco era of prosperity. Jenny Packham is one of the world’s most influential designer capturing this era in wedding dresses. Claire Pettibone is also gaining world-status as one of the best ethereal, vintage inspired designers with her flowing designs and exquisite fabrics.


Claire Pettibone ‘Eloquence’

Is there a typical Vintage look?

Vintage typically includes luxurious silks cut on the bias, rich oyster and champagne colours, eyelash laces, and Twenties inspired beading. Capes, capped sleeves or long sleeves, plunging necklines, and a fishtail or very soft A-line cut, these dresses rarely have any form of underskirt. Statement headpieces, opulent cuffs, and diamond earrings can also regularly be found.

Birdcage veils are typically worn with vintage inspired gowns, reminiscent of the 1940s and very much on trend at the moment. Attached with either a comb or pins, you will most likely find these veils made of a net or tulle. Worn with a vintage comb, a beaded cap, or some feathers, deep lipstick always looks great behind these veils.

Blog hair-cap-and-birdcage-veil

With your dress and veil in mind, there is so much more to do with your styling! Look below for accessories that will perfect your vintage inspired outfit:

Blog Vintage Accessories

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