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Now this isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have picked your girls and asked them to be bridesmaids, it is all very exciting right now! But have you thought about styling them? There are lots of little factors to think about here; read on to find out more!

Your Wedding Theme

The most obvious place to start would be to think about your wedding overall; if you had to summarize the expected feel of your wedding day to a friend in a maximum of five key words how would you do it? Fun, floral, informal, outdoors, and summery?   Black Tie, Formal, and Elegant? Modern, unusual, bright colours, non-traditional, fashionable ? Vintage, art deco, rose pinks and gold, romantic? Clarify this in your mind, even say it aloud, it helps! You naturally wouldn’t put your bridesmaids in black satin ballgowns for a country farm wedding in June.

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Style of Bridesmaid Dress

There is no set rule for what ‘type’ of bridesmaid dress you should have. Maxi dresses do not necessarily have to be considered formal; pale yellow, coral or fuchsia pink would look beautiful at an outdoor wedding in Spring and Summer, in short and maxi styles. In winter you may expect to see more floor length dresses, purely because it is an extra layer keeping the bridesmaids legs from freezing!

Halterneck, one shouldered, strapless, or backless styles really depend on your bridesmaids. For example, if you love the backless look, your busty bridesmaids may not feel comfortable without a bra on. Chat to your girls and see what styles they love most, delve into their wardrobe for evidence of dress styles they wear most. Maybe put them in complimentary colours and mix up the styles?

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Colour of Bridesmaid Dress

Summer doesn’t have to mean floral; it can also include soft pastels or rich bright tones. Winter doesn’t have to be shades of platinum, black, or white, why not introduce a deep raspberry? Think about the seasons; look at flowers in season as a guide for what colours may naturally be around you on your wedding day.

Do remember to consider the colouring of your bridesmaids; pale bridesmaids with light blonde hair may not appreciate a lemon yellow in May when they aren’t likely to have caught any summer sun yet.


Your bridesmaids bouquets will complement your own bouquet, the button holes, and the venue decor. You don’t have to incorporate all of the flowers in your bridesmaid bouquets; pick one flower to carry across. For soft pastel dresses, Babies Breath (Gypsophalia) is a simple, cost effective, and beautiful finishing touch. For floral short dresses, choose bright colours and bold flowers such as a bouquet of Giant Daisies (Gerbera).

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Jewellery and Accessories

Your chosen style of dresses will determine what accessories your bridesmaids may need. A halter neck dress won’t require a necklace, for example. If you have chosen different styles of dresses for your bridesmaids, you may want to keep uniformity across your accessories. If they are all wearing different necklines, maybe a classic pair of earrings may suffice, perhaps a bracelet. In colder weather, we love bridesmaids paired with fur wraps! Even wedding wellies look fabulous!


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