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Summer Skincare with Katie Reay Scott


Is May summer yet? It’s certainly getting sunnier. Whilst you’re enjoying the beautiful weather that I’m sure is just around the corner, don’t forget your skincare! Our resident beauty guru Katie Reay Scott is a strong advocate for wearing broad spectrum suncream to protect the delicate skin on your face.

It’s In The Stars

Not all suncreams are created equal! Pick one which blocks UVA, which causes ageing and can damage your DNA, and UVB, which causes burning. The number on the suncream only relates to the UVB, but if you bought your suncream in the EU, it has to contain at least some UVA protection too. Look for the ‘star rating’ on bottles if you want a higher UVA factor.

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Build The Perfect Foundation

Heavy make-up and warm weather don’t always go hand in hand so another summer skincare tip from Katie is to get creative with your own tinted moisturiser. Mix your normal foundation with your favourite moisturiser for a lighter, fresher look that takes care of your skin too.

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Head to Toe Fabulous

At Ellie Sanderson HQ, we’ve already cracked out our sandals once or twice! And switching to your summer shoe wardrobe is the perfect excuse for a pedicure, don’t you think? Katie recommends bringing your feet out of hibernation with a pedicure for happy summer feet ready for an adventure!

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We’ve been working with the beautiful and talented Katie Reay Scott for years and we just love her. She’s accompanied us on countless photoshoots, catwalks and of course she’s head of gorgeousness at Boudoir Photography! If you’re looking for a friendly, funny and extremely talented hair stylist and make-up artist then we don’t think you could do any better. It comes as little surprise that her services are in high demand, better contact her right now and see if your wedding date is still available!


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