Yes, that’s right !
Suzanne Neville herself will be here in Beaconsfield with her fabulous dresses.Can you believe it ?
So, now is a good time for me to share with you my little secret about an amazing Suzanne Neville dress. About two years ago, I visited Suzanne Neville in Knightsbridge – this was way before she supplied us with dresses. I tried on a dress called ‘Red Messina’ and was so very tempted to have it as my wedding dress; I LOVED it. I did, however, decide that it didn’t work with my venue and that also it might scare my 84 year old mother in law !
With hindsight , I know I made the right decision and I went on to have a most glorious Sassi Holford Lace dress made for me by the Maestro.
However, ‘Red Messina’ lived on in my mind and I simply could not get it out of my head. Suzanne knows that I adore this stunning dress and she knows it haunts me still. So it was no surprise to her when I sent her a message last night to say ” Right, I am coming to get it” I really am, I am going to buy it for the Bridal Buyers’ Awards Dinner on March 13th when we are in the finals for BEST BRITISH BRIDAL RETAILER 2011.
So, back to the point. These dresses really do steal your heart.
I have seen grown women weep when they put them on. Suzanne’s corsets are legendary and simply make you a size smaller – what more could you want??
She will be with us on the 5th of February in Beaconsfield with her 2011 collection of stunning dresses and I am so very excited. I would love to keep the appointments to myself and just play in her dresses….come on, it IS my shop so why not? My team, however, have told me this is a huge selfish act and that I must give a few up to the public !!
To that end, there are only three appointments available to meet this goddess Suzanne Neville on the 5th of February . If you have seen or love and just need to try her gowns give us a call. Be warned – if you try them you will want one. Look at me, still broken after two years.
See you on the 5th of February oh and , by the way, I will be the one at the Awards Ceremony in the most gorgeous red dress 🙂 x
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