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Today my very talented husband David, The Bridal Photographer showed me this photograph and I cried.
I love all of his work and he has won lots of awards so I am not biased but when I looked at this shot I melted. Its magic.
I am not technically minded but I know when the lighting is spot on, the moment is grabbed and you can just feel this little gorgeous darling swinging her pretty pink bag as she marched up the stairs feeling like a fairy princess – and she looked every inch a princess,
Davids style is very much reportage and totally unstaged and that allows him to capture these moments. He has the most magical shots of grooms leaning in to steal a kiss from their bride when no one is looking (!), or a grooms hand lovingly placed in the small of his brides back. I do feel that these moments are just so so special and moving and when caught on film can portray all the love and happines that a wedding day holds.
Dont take my word for it, check out his website and if you are hoping to book him for next year – get your skates on. He is almost fully booked..
A very proud Ellie x


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