What better way to show off our stunning dresses than having them paraded four times a day at the National Wedding Show?
We are proudly sponsoring a catwalk scene at The National Wedding Show .
However, I am going into complete meltdown trying to decide which lovely dresses to take with me. How can I choose just six dresses out of 140 stunners by the world’s best designers ?!!
Having just typed that, I realise just how lucky I am to work with such industry greats like Sassi Holford (who made my gorgeous dress and coat when I got married just over a year ago).Then also,there is Suzanne Neville and Kate Sherford, Lusan Mandongus and Alan Hannah and, of course, the wonderful Stephanie Allin.
I watch girls go into total meltdown choosing one fabulous dress let alone six!
So, Lovely Laura – Manager of Beaconsfield and Nic Sparkle, Manager of Oxford will be sitting me down next week to force a final decision.
Mmm,there are a few definites I think!?? (more indecision?)
Somebody help me. Please ??
Ellie and the girls x
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