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Okay girls, January 2017. Christmas is over and it’s time to put down the chocolate and champagne in favour for something a little more wholesome. According to the food and fitness bloggers, kale’s reign of terror is drawing to an end (phew!). So what new superfood trend is going to take it’s place?

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Cheaper than blueberries and with more vitamin C and anathocyanins (a type of antioxidant), blackcurrants are one to look out for. They can be rather on the sharp side, but the sweeter varieties don’t contain more sugar.  Just less acid, so everyone wins! Blackcurrants have also been linked in increased rate of fat loss and blood flow. This could in turn improve muscle performance and recovery times, something I’m sure you’ll welcome after the first spin class of the new year.

Nut Oils

We LOVED the nut butters that were super popular last year! The girls can’t wait to try nut oils too. You’ve probably already tried coconut and sesame oil but keep your eyes out for macadamia, hazelnut and walnut oil. Like olive oil, these are healthiest if you eat them raw as heat can reduce the beneficial qualities of the fats. They tend to be strongly flavoured and quite rich, so you only need a tiny bit. Sounds like a perfect salad dressing to us.

Fermented Foods

We heard this mentioned a little bit last year and to be honest, we were a bit scared. Fermented? Really? ‘Gut Health’ is a huge focus for the fit and fabulous at the moment and fermented food like the Korean staple kimchi are the new superfood that’s said to reduce bloating, increase energy and boost immunity. Worth a try I suppose?


Not strictly a new superfood but this one sounds absolutely wonderful. Snacking throughout the day is apparently absolutely wonderful for your heath, much much better than three square meals. Snacks don’t mean biscuits though and you need to cut down on your big portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Advocates of grazing say you should aim to eat 8 or so balanced micro-meals throughout the day. As well as helping to avoid hunger pangs and the temptation to scoff, grazing helps raise your metabolism and your energy levels. The key is preparing yourself lots of high protein, high fibre foods you can quickly and easily nibble on.

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Ellie’s been trying out the most amazing juice cleanse from The Healthy Juice Co. Read about how she got on over on our blog post. And if you too fancy bright eyes, clear skin, a boost of energy and a whole host of other benefits, sign up for your own cleanse today! Ellie loved her 3 day cleanse, but there’s a 1 day cleanse just to dip your toe in the water, or 5 days for a real system restart.

We’ve also been chatting to our brides about their favourite fitness tips. Find out more and keep the new years resolutions right on track at our blog post.

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