Top 5 tips – how to be effortlessly you on your wedding day


In all aspects of your wedding planning there are going to be, without a doubt, lots of opinions none more so than when it comes to finding THE dress. So here’s our TOP 5 tips on how to be effortlessly you.
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1)   Do your research.

Whether it’s Pinterest, magazine cut outs, Instagram, however you choose to create a vision for your big day make sure you’ve got some thoughts on your wedding before you come to your appointment at Ellie Sanderson.

What are you trying to achieve with the venue décor, do you want it to feel glamorous or laidback, are you thinking about a sit down traditional three course meal or a more casual buffet affair, will it be black tie or perhaps you want everyone to wear white? If you have a picture in your mind it means that when you come to finding the dress you can visualise how it will look as part of the bigger picture and this will help you to keep a focus.


2)   Have an open mind.

It’s very common that a style you thought would suit you actually doesn’t look how you wanted it to and that a style you originally discounted really does look amazing. Don’t be afraid to try a few styles to determine which is best for your shape and personality, you want to look and feel your best, let your Ellie Sanderson stylist listen to your thoughts and help guide you.

Bear in mind that we have great relationships with our bridal designers and alterations can always be made, so if you find the perfect fit for you in a strapless gown but always dreamed of having sleeves – it’s entirely possible.

It’s also good to prepare for reality, no one, absolutely no one fits into a bridal sample perfectly, there’s always a certain amount of imagination needed as of course when you decide on your dress it will be made for YOU, not a mannequin or anyone else for that matter. It will fit like a glove and this makes all the difference in how a dress looks.



3)   Go with your heart.

This is a simple one, the chances are that you’ll love lots of dresses, our entire Ellie Sanderson edit are all beautiful in their own right so sometimes it’s best to listen to your heart and go with what is going to make you happiest on your wedding day.


4)   Can you be you?

Can you comfortably sit, walk, dance…You want to be able to do everything you can normally do on your wedding day. If your winning dance move ends in the splits then it’s probably advisable not to choose a fishtail wedding dress style as it’ll mean you feel restricted, likewise if you’re planning a 7 course extravaganza for your wedding breakfast then you might want to avoid a full corseted bodice bridal look. Just remember ‘effortlessly you’ it should feel like your wedding dress and you should wear it, it shouldn’t wear you.


5)   Remember whose wedding it is!

YOURS! At the end of the day your nearest and dearest  will think you look absolutely gorgeous in whatever you choose to wear so try not to be too persuaded one way or another by contrasting opinions. Your Nan and your Maid of Honour are likely to have different opinions, similarly so are your Mum and Sister, it’s completely normal and what makes us all individuals. Whilst it’s important to have that connection and approval, and it does also make for a wonderful experience for all, opinions are simply that.

You must remember that it’s your dress that you’re getting married in, so it has to feel 100% you, nothing else.


Use the time with your Ellie Sanderson Stylist in the changing room to really think about each dress and reflect upon what you like and don’t like and be honest! To find out more about the Ellie Sanderson experience and to book an appointment click HERE…



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