Top Wedding planning tips contd.


Top tips from Helen Masters, Oxfordshire’s Wedding Planner. 

Last week Helen Masters shared some solid reasons for using the services of a wedding Planner, today she gives us a few more reasons. I have to be honest though, she kinda had me at Hello, she has also planned a number of events for ELLIE SANDERSON and we just love her enthusiasm and energy. 


Its all about Support... Because we all need a wing man, especially on our big day!

Let’s not beat around the bush, when it comes to wedding planning most men want as little input as possible! (I did say most NOT all) Although we often have our mums, sisters, friends and other girlies wanting to help us out, they do at some point want to talk about something other than your big day.  Having a good wedding planner will not only ensure you have a constant wing man 24/7 but you can guarantee they will not just be interested in your wedding but passionate about it ( even if you do call them at 2:30am having a bridezilla moment) This is standard behaviour, even from grooms sometimes but it quite nice not to have more than 2 a month please! So a good planner is always on hand and available to make sure you have all the support and help you need, to listen to your ideas and help you by removing some of the stress.


We have all been to a lovely wedding,  but think back to the last wedding you went to that had you talking about it for months on end? The kind of wedding that is slick, professional and just perfect in every way.

Most us want a wedding that is personal and individual and that stands out from the crowd. Think of a wedding breakfast styled in a room to resemble an English country garden. Trees with real blossom hanging over the table. Tables with real moss table runners and beautiful English roses. Think of a cake that is utterly incredible to look at and delightful to taste. Imagine you in your dress that is breathtakingly glorious and ensures the groom is rendered speechless upon your arrival. Your entertainment leaves your guests wowed and engulfed in the theatrics of what’s going on around.  Planning a wedding like this is like planning a major event and really requires professional help. A great wedding planner will be able to take on board the ideas you have and help you elaborate on them (should you wish) to create a “Breathtaking spectacle” that you an

Bridal details , shot by David Bostock

Bridal details , shot by David Bostock

d your guests will talk about for years to come. It’s your wedding day and you only have one chance to create a lasting impression and memory. Make it a perfect one.

Your wedding should be the most special day of your life. Don’t leave anything to chance. Once you have decided you want to set the date make sure your first call is to a well respected Wedding Planner and then sit back, relax and Enjoy the build up to your perfect wedding day.


Helen Masters


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