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This week we are running a lovely feature on why you really should consider hiring a wedding planner. Today we want to cover a few key topics and over the rest of the week we will share some more top tips. One of our favourite wedding Planners, Helen Masters has shared some inside info just for Ellie Sanderson Brides. 


Helen says, once the excitement of showing all your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, The Smiths from round the corner, the cat, the dog and even the goldfish your stunning sparkly ring the next step becomes much more daunting…… Planning your BIG day. Whilst most peoples natural reaction is one of excitement, as isn’t it fun choosing flowers, bridesmaids dresses, venues, making invites etc….? It soon starts to dawn on people there is an awful lot more to this wedding planning malarkey than initially meets the eye! Personally I have found that whilst brides love that first few days of “Going it alone” or some manage to get to the last few months it suddenly hits them that they need help. Here I have shared some of my experiences and top tips.

TIME… It is precious after all.

It’s so easy to underestimate how much time goes into planning a wedding. Think about it, how many times in your life are you going to spend so much money on one day.  The trips to numerous venues, florists, photographers, cake makers etc can culminate in days off and then what happens if you have seen 15 venues and 5 florists and still haven’t found the right supplier? After an initial consultation a good wedding planner will have an idea of the sort of wedding you are dreaming of and therefore will have an array of venues and suppliers that are tried and tested. One size does NOT fit all and therefore different suppliers suit different couples but how on earth would you know this? This is why hiring a planner would save you copious amounts of time at the start and ensure you are matched with the right suppliers from day one.


So many people’s initial thoughts about wedding planners are that they are only for the rich and famous and we mere mortals don’t need them and certainly can’t afford them….. WRONG! Whilst hiring a wedding planner may seem like an elaborate or expensive option it actually saves you money in the long run. Most well respected planners have a valuable network of suppliers surrounding them which due to long standing and trusted relationships ensures that either discounts or added value options are always discussed. It is also the job of the planner to keep you within budget so if there is something you really want but the budget is just not stretching a good planner will look at the overall picture and see if there are ways of saving money in one area to facilitate a bigger budget in another. They are also professionals at negotiating rates with suppliers based on the fact they will be bringing repeat and consistent business.

ENJOYMENT…… Well it would be nice to have just a little bit 😉

Having a planner actually allows you to enjoy your wedding planning. If its helping you from day one or simply helping with on the day planning a great planner can take away all your angst and allow you to focus on the day. So many brides have said they feel totally relaxed, chilled and at ease knowing that the professionals are there solely for them. Many brides make the mistake of thinking that the venues in house planner will double up as a full on wedding planner but ultimately one must remember they are there for the venue. Whilst they may help to ensure the flowers go in the right place and the food and drink are coming out at the right time they are unlikely to be co-ordinating all other aspects of your day as meticulously as a professional planner who works for you.



Tomorrow Helen will share some other key considerations on why having a wedding planner is not such a bad idea. To be honest if i could go back five years, I most certainly would have engaged her services as I had a total melt down 5 weeks before the wedding. 


Ellie x


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