Yes, I did say party, which party? why ? why not?
Here at Ellie Sanderson Oxford we just love these wonderful 2 Birds dresses.
In fact, we love them so much that we bought one in black to model in our store.
Last week we got to thinking and decided we must throw an in store party.
Picture this, lots of bridesmaids and brides-to-be, drinking champagne, lots of swapping and changing, wrapping and re-wrapping the various styles, giggles, tiaras, lots of fun and absolutely no BOYS.
Girlie Heaven !!

Full Length Ball gown – wrapped with sleeves

Short – wrapped in a halter neck style

If you would like to come along to our 2 Birds Bridesmaid Party at Ellie Sanderson, Oxford on Saturday the 5th of May, please call us on 01865 558 444 or drop us an appointment request by clicking here ELLIE SANDERSON

TWO BIRDS BRIDESMAID DRESSES, one dress, four lengths, 15 different ways to wrap and wear it and lots of terribly gorgeous colours.

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