We cannot contain our excitement! – or rather Nicola, Julia and the Oxford girls are in meltdown at the arrival of our new Bridesmaid Dress Collection 
To be honest, I am bored with all bridesmaids trying to look the same in identical dresses and stopped selling them many years ago and, despite weekly requests for them, have point blank refused to sell boring old bridesmaids dresses in my shops.
Until NOW!  Now, I have totally fallen in love with this amazing concept and collection of dresses.
Have a look ………………………………………….

  1. These dresses are all British made which ticks a huge patriotic box for me and on a practical front there are no 6 month lead times and risks of non delivery. 
  2. They come in two sizes only and yes they really do fit, from size 6 up to size 22 and they are so so flattering, trust me we have tried them on and we know. 
  3. Their unique style with 15 ways to wear them mean that your bridesmaids can all wear the same dress but style it differently and still all look great together.
  4. Girls with big boobs, girls with no boobs, girls with a tummy, girls with no tummy, tall girls, short girls, broad girls,athletic girls,slender ,petite girls will ALL suit these amazingly versatile dresses – trust me once again as we have checked them out for boob spill, belly bumps the lot!
  5. They come in 19 amazing colours – yes 19, now we do have our own favourites which you will see when you visit but they are all current and not a peach blancmange in sight !
  6. Because you can vary the lengths you don’t have fitting costs – let me say that again, you don’t have fitting costs. The one thing that used to make me crazy when I last sold bridesmaids was that the gown could cost £180 then your gorgeous maids all starved themselves and lost loads of weight resulting in costly alterations – with these that wont happen! 
  7. Girls with big boobies fear not as we also sell bandeau supports that match the dress to wear under it, they really have thought of it all. Trust me we have checked this too.
  8. You can have some of your bridesmaids with shoulders, some with halter necks some strapless and others with one shouldered and all with the same dress in the same colour. SIMPLES!

So what is there to think about apart from getting your girls together and giving us a call, these amazing dresses are available from the 4th of February in Ellie Sanderson Oxford Boutique,
They will also be available in Ellie Sanderson Beaconsfield with a POP UP SHOP one late night a week, so call us to get on the list asap.

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