KATE SHERFORD, what can I say? first of all a huge thanks to Kate for sending her 2011 collection of gowns to Beaconsfield for us to play with, secondly a huge thanks to Kate for driving up from KATE SHERFORD HQ in Taunton to help so many girls find the dress of a life time.

We had brilliant fun at Kate’s designer day in Beaconsfield. We are blessed in that our designers love to come and meet their brides. This helps them with inspiration for new gowns and of course they get spade loads of feedback on likes and dislikes about the current collection and even better still – you get the chance to meet a real live designer!! and isn’t Kate just so lovely and normal, it easy to see why we have her in both stores now – she is fabulous.

She also has an amazing team of girls back in Taunton HQ who help her deliver her stunning creations. Miss Charlotte is Kates calm no.2 who makes sure everything arrives in time and is spot on accurate and for her attention to detail we have her on our favourite list. They are all avid Chocoholics and have been known to scoff a the biggest box of Hotel Chocolat choccies at a few sittings! 🙂

Can you tell we love Kate Sherford?

This is not just because her gowns are amazing, its not just because she is fabby, its not even because her gowns are made in Britain – or that she buys the most amazing fabrics to make them in, for me its simple. I really think she is the one to watch, she will be winning awards for her new, fresh and different dresses, MARK MY WORDS, and next years collection takes her to new heights, it is totally different to anything else on the market.

So many girls found the dress of their dreams on Saturday and if you are reading this, a huge huge congratulations from us all. It was great fun even if it got a bit panicky with a small queue forming at around 4pm as everyone came back from the pub and decided to GO FOR IT!!!

Seriously, we look forward to spoiling you in the months ahead and once again many congratulations for choosing a stunning – British Made gown, fabulous x x

Ellie and the gang x x


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