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At Ellie Sanderson we simply love a veil; long or short, glitzy or plain they can complete a wedding look beautifully.  We’re not the only ones obsessed with veils; Japanese brides will traditionally wear a paper veil, Indian brides will wear a pink or red head covering and Moroccan brides will wear an intricate, jewelled headdress – stunning!

One of our beautiful brides in her veil

In many cultures, a face veil is to prevent evil spirits from attacking the bride, eeek. Roman bridesmaids would actually wear veils too, to further confuse anybody who might mean the blushing bride harm!

‘Peak veil’ was reached in the early 20th century, when brides would have cathedral length veils of intricate laces, embellished with silk flowers, beads, embroidery, you name it. Maybe this had something to do with the fact brides were expected to wear their wedding dress again, so the veil really had to bring the drama!


When you’re picking your veil, it’s a good idea to think about your hairstyle too. They can be tricky to hold in place without an up-do to anchor them! But if you really want to keep your hair long and flowing, try making a teeny tiny pony tail with a clear hair elastic to give the veil comb something to sit into.

There are many different options these days, with no need to cover your face if you don’t want to. Simple elegant veils that flow out behind your gown can complement many different styles of dress, likewise a more detailed veil can add drama to simple contemporary look.


At Ellie Sanderson we have a full range of veils in every length and style you could possibly imagine, we also offer a styling appointment to all our brides to ensure you’re not overwhelmed with decisions when buying you gown.

So sit back and enjoy the process, whether you end up with a full cathedral veil or a small netted fascinator, a veil is a must try!


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