To Veil or Not To Veil? That is The Question!


Until you have begun your dress search, you probably haven’t begun to even visualize potential hair styles, hair accessories, or a veil. With your hair style, it may depend on your dress: does it have a feature back you want to show off? Is it vintage inspired suggesting Hollywood waves? Is it fairytale-esque and so tumbling curls fit perfectly? No matter what your dress is like, it is not until you try a veil with your dress that you will know.

Some girls have always wanted to wear a veil: to them, it completes that ‘bridal’ look they always dreamed of. After all, a veil is a traditional symbol of marriage; the Ancient Greeks saw the veil as a method of protecting the bride-to-be from evil spirits. Some see a veil as quite a formal accessory, others see it as necessary as wearing a wedding dress on your big day. It is the only chance you get to wear one after all!

You may find that you didn’t think you wanted to wear a veil initially; until the boutique assistant popped one on and it made your dress magical. Alternatively, you may find a veil feels slightly claustrophobic and a little over the top, you may be planning a big hair style with a halo of flowers, or you may find it detracts from the detail on the back of your dress. It may just make you feel old-fashioned and not like you. If you decide a veil isn’t for you, then guess what? It doesn’t matter!


Often it can be down to the type of veil you are trying on. If you have bought a slinky satin Jenny Packham gown, then a cathedral length veil with lace edging from head to tip on both tiers may be a little unsuitable. We would suggest a very soft simple veil, perhaps finger tip length, or just touching the floor, with an almost invisible stitched edging. It sounds silly saying this but you almost don’t even know it is there! Then why have it you ask? Because it can transform your look overall.
If you have energetic dancing in mind, we suggest taking your long veil off prior to this. You don’t want bridesmaid putting her heel through it, or Uncle ripping it from your head as he stands on the end as you walk in the other direction. If your budget has just allowed you a veil and you want to make the most of it, choose a veil that isn’t floor length so you can keep it on as long as you like.

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If you aren’t sure whether to have two tiers or one (two meaning it has the ‘blush’ layer which comes forward over your face), then we suggest you purchase a two-tier veil. You can then decide the morning of the wedding if you are so nervous the blush layer gives you a layer of privacy as you enter the room, or so excited to literally run down the aisle you just want to see your Groom and go! If you do go for two tiers just make sure you have someone lined up who can make sure the veil makes it all the way over your head when you reach your Groom. A veil stuck on top of your head isn’t a good look for anybody!

An alternative to a standard veil is a birdcage veil, also known as a bandeau veil. A birdcage veil sits on one side of your face, whereas a bandeau veil works across from side to side, usually pinned in each side. Team these with an embellished cap, a feather, or a diamante comb to complete your look. These veils tend to work well with vintage inspired weddings, most likely as a result of their popularity in the post-war 1940s.

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In the end, choosing to veil or not to veil is simply personal preference. If it completes your look, then go for it! If it doesn’t work for you, never feel like you are missing out. Your wedding day is about YOU and you need to feel comfortable, happy, and the best you have ever felt! It is you who has to look back at these photos mostly after all…


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