What can I say other than I WANT ONE ! and you will too.

We have just bought the most incredible Jewellery that I think I have ever seen. Not only is it totally jaw dropping to look at, it is hand made with the most glorious and eclectic pieces of original period jewellery. Pieces of antique necklaces, buttons, brooches and earrings, reworked with silver to make the most unique and stylish designs.

I am not joking when I say that I almost cried last week letting someone buy a necklace. Not right is it, my girls remind me that I am running a shop and I know they are right but these pieces just have to go to the right girl.. Thankfully the lady in question had bought a stunning Stewart Parvin gown and this necklace was simply a “must have” and so totally right for her dress. She had been shopping for months and popped in to see what new stock we had, and found our new collection, she almost had to prize the necklace out of my hands.

The same thing happened the next day with a tiara in the most gorgeous pink and cream and ivory antique pearls all set on a twisted wire and lovingly bejewelled with crystals and diamante brooches. The young lady in question was in a SASSI HOLFORD gown called Camilla with an antique rose silk sash and of course this wonderful tiara was resplendent on her head. She bought her gown and I took almost 20 minutes to wrap the tiara as I had only had it in a day and hadn’t finished admiring it. Finally, I congratulated this beaming young woman and watch her leave and walk across the crossing smiling and looking at her Ellie Sanderson bag which held her heir loom tiara. I was bereft. I phoned the girls straight up and begged them to make me another similar one infact I begged them to come back and bring everything they had with them.

Sounds all very unhealthy and you are desperate to know who this is well I suppose I should tell you, although I do feel like keeping it a secret to protect the total exclusivity.
Its two wonderful ladies who are called Magpie Vintage and I totally love them. Not only are these ladies talented, they are local and I love the fact that all this jewellery is a mixture of vintage and is locally made. Something a little heart warming about being Eco-Gorgeous isn`t there.
So, what now? you better get on your toes. The designers of Magpie Vintage will be at our next accessory party on the 9th of July 5-9pm and can make you a very personal piece to wear on your day, they can incorporate Grannies brooch, mums earrings and make it even more unique. If you would like an appointment to meet them then call us now on 01494 674 440 or drop us an email at Ellie Sanderson
They also make cuff links for the groom, and amazing gifts for your bridesmaids!!
See you there and if you are nice to me I will let you buy a piece!!
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