Want to know how to have the best Micro Wedding ever?


Want to know how to have the best Micro Wedding ever?

Wedding ceremonies and celebrations have totally changed size and style, micro weddings are so popular right now (lets face it they have to be) but they can be totally exciting and fun. Our brides are giving us 4 days notice and just doing it when Covid allows. Micro in size doesn’t have to mean micro in style, in fact it is so much easier to create an intimate, fabulous and personal occasion when you have less guests.

Read on to find out how to have the best ever Micro Wedding and find out who my most favourite suppliers are.

How to have the best ever Micro Wedding

The reasons for having a micro wedding vary from couple to couple. Many couples just want to get on with their lives, plan their family and crack on. Covid has turned everything on its head, but what is crucial is that whatever your ceremony is you can still have a fabulous wedding. Interesting too that some couples are delighted to escape the pressure of a large family wedding and use this opportunity to dodge that bullet. So what ever the reason, a micro wedding can be an intimate and personal start to married life. Micro really are the new Macro ! (ATM)


Venues are open to most things right now. After a year when so few weddings happened our British venues just want to get the party started. We may be in lockdown but venues are open for discussion and virtual tours. So what are you waiting for ?

  • Check the facilities are right for you and your guests, maybe a break out space or lounge area for the grannies. Choose an intimate space for your dining to capture the essence of your day.
  • Choose a venue thats local, brings in local chefs and staff and minimise any risks that may be out there.
  • Make sure your venue has a flexible and adaptable attitude to all thats going on at the moment.
  • Think about how to entertain your guests (within whichever guidelines are in place) – table dancing (not table top!). Or table games, a live singer (distanced) who can sing to each couple “their” song, so romantic.
  • Personalise your tables, lets be honest you wont have so many guests so buying each a little gift will be a treat, keepsakes and memories of your intimate day.  Make them tables of dreams.

Whilst we are shut right we recognise you may be worried about getting your dress,  so we have introduced virtual consultations.

  • All brides want to wear a dress that makes them look and feel fabulous. So its important to do your homework and research designs and styles you love.
  • TRUST your instincts, be true to your personal style, push the boundaries but believe me most girls buy one of the first dresses they try on – because their INSTINCTS tell them.
  • Whilst my boutiques are closed we are still able to “meet” with you to get to work. One to one discussions of your loves and wants – it really does save you time later on and we get to meet you too.
  • Just because the wedding is small in size doesn’t mean you have to down scale looking like a princess for the day.
  • Choose a dress that you can possibly dress up and wear again. You can have a second party celebration and wear it again.  You could add belts, toppers, bling or maybe shorten or remove the train, or shorten the dress to make it a funky party dress.
  • Wear a veil, you only get one chance to be a bride so don’t compromise your dreams.  Your partner will want to see you shine like a diamond.
Suzanne Neville - Zarina

the fun and flirty Zarina

Karina by Suzanne Neville

Micro Wedding jumpsuit

Jesus Peiro palazzo pants and top

  • Always have flowers. The scent, the colour and the life that gorgeous flowers breathe into any occasion is irreplaceable. Your florist will be able to scale them to size and style of your day.
  • Now things are smaller you can probably now afford the floral arch, the flower wall.
  • Spend your money wisely and perhaps have the same number of flower arrangements as guests so everyone has their name on one as a keepsake.
  • You may be able to afford button holes for every guest now, corsages for all the girls. This can be one of their gifts to make them feel so special.
  • most of all chose a florist who understands your dream and vision and who is excited to help you capture your day.

Fabulous flowers are FABULOUS and Joanna Carter is incredible.

  • These two suppliers are the two that will help you share your private day.
  • These guys can help you stream your wedding to those that cant be there, they can do light checks, camera position the lot.
  • They will capture so many special moments for life and supply images and film that mean your friends and family will see your day.
  • Your wedding album will become more important than ever for all those that weren’t there! As will the video

Check out David Bostock Photography and Mark Shipperley for movies – he even does mini movies to suit your wedding size and finances.

Captured by David Bostock Photography

  • Cake, let there be cake. You don’t have to have a big cake, you wont need one but its nice to have enough cake to gift a piece to those that cant be there on the day.
  • Have the cake of your dreams and have extra little gift cake – sicles or brownies to post to your friends that weren’t there.  Check out Moni cake who makes cake – sicles that are to die for. Cake on a lolly stick.

There is so much to celebrate about micro weddings, not just spending more time with your guests and have the most intimate lavish day.

Don’t forget that getting an invite to a wedding during these times is like getting a golden ticket. What a treat it is.

So, if you feel inspired and want to jump in with a virtual consultation – get in touch here 

Or drop us a whats app if you need any help.

Ellie and the girls


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