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Did you know that it is critical for a bride to be to find her signature scent for her wedding day ? No, well neither did I. How silly of me to miss this critical part of being a modern bride. I have one bride who has been to Harrods, Harvey Nicks, Selfridges and so on just to find that scent that she will wear on her big day.

I do however get her point, do you remember those hot sunny days as a child smelling home baked cookies in your mothers kitchen? and how one small wiff of hot cookies can transport you back to child hood, well I am guessing its the same principle.
Heady scents of lilley of the valley meets vanilla meets green tea, or what ever scent you choose. then bang you are re-living your wedding day. I guess its just like choosing “that” song for the first dance, one you will remember for life and will always transport you back to that moment.

So, what are you waiting for pop and ask to smell our fabulous Suzanne Neville fragrance, it is totally perfect for wearing on your wedding day and only £55 for 50ml.

We have some free samples so you can live with it for a few hours .


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