Weddings are an absolute minefield when it comes to etiquette, we have so many brides who worry about getting it ‘right’. Well here’s the truth; there is no, I repeat NO, correct way of doing things, what matters is you have the day you want as a couple. There are however things to consider during the planning stage which may help to create your perfect day.

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Social media
In a world revolving around social media, she says whilst blogging (!), photos of your big day can reach ‘that girl you went to primary school with but haven’t spoken to since’ before you’ve even finished saying your vows. Social media savvy brides are now asking for a social media blackout on the big day, asking guests to save their snaps for themselves. If however you are a selfie queen and love a bit of insta, make sure to create your own hashtag to ensure you can collect all those lovely images, to relive the day during the post wedding blues.



Now this may be a tricky one! If you have kids yourself as lots of our brides do, kids at weddings can be lovely, they look so adorable in their smart little outfits! If you are inviting kids it’s important to remember to provide something to make them feel welcome and entertained; colouring, treats, games etc.

If you’d prefer a kid free zone, which is definitely the way to go for some couples, it’s your day so make this clear on your invitations. Some parents will relish the opportunity for an excuse to leave the kiddies behind and have a boogie, for others however this may not be an option; breastfeeding, childcare etc might restrict their movements so respect their decision and remind them they’ll be missed.


Plus ones
With the price of weddings skyrocketing it’s easy to see a plus one you’ve never met as a price tag! Think about what that person means to you, and how they would feel if they cannot bring their significant other, they might have been very excited about introducing them. The amount of time they’ve been together doesn’t necessarily play a part here, however if the budget needs squeezing don’t feel bad if your cousin’s girlfriend of two months needs dropping from the guest list!

There are so many points we could touch on here, but remember relax and do what is right for you and your fiance, not your parents, friends, or great aunt Audrey!! Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like our Master in Chief’s advice on, she’s been to a few of these shindigs in her time!

Love Ellie and the girls x


photograph by DAVID BOSTOCK

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