What to expect at your Wedding Dress Fittings?


Making sure your wedding dress fits is one of the most important details in the lead up to your wedding. This is not the time to scrimp and save; you simply must call in the professionals. Forget brides tugging up strapless dresses, forget gaping necklines, and forget the fear of falling flat on your face.

All dresses almost always need some form of alteration. Whether you are a standard size, split size, or made to measure, a final tweak is always necessary. The latest set of measurements will be taken into account when discussing what size your gown is going to be, but no woman can easily stay the same shape to the nearest centimeter across many months! Underwear will affect the fit and feel of your dress; if your gown has a built in corset then a bra may not be necessary (one less expense for the budget!) Your hem will be altered depending on your heel height, so don’t forget to bring your shoes too!

So Sassi Charlie

Hoping for that golden glow? We strongly advise you don’t fake tan before your fittings as this can rub off onto your dress, and is often not removable. You don’t want a stain on your dress before you have even reached the big day itself! Keep makeup minimal to as this can also rub onto the dress.

We understand it can be scary in anticipation of your first fitting; this is the very first time you get to see your real dress after all! Bring mum or a bridesmaid for support, but try to keep your guest list to a maximum of two.  This really is the time for a one-to-one with the dressmaker who will need plenty of space and time with you.


You won’t be expected to take your dress away with you at either of your fittings; we advise you keep it here until a day or two before your wedding. This way you won’t have to keep it away from your groom’s prying eyes or your cat’s claws. We will have steamed and pressed your dress and your veil and will beautifully wrap them in tissue in your dress bag.
To help you as far as we can; we will carry your beautiful dress to the car and ensure she is ready for the journey to her ultimate destination.


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