A wedding outfit is never complete without a hat!


We LOVE hats! None of the girls at Ellie Sanderson would dream to attending a wedding without one! There’s just something so special about finishing an outfit off with a hat.

If you’re struggling for the perfect hat for next year’s wedding, don’t worry, we have some advice!  Most importantly, pick the right hat for your face shape. Oval faces can wear most shapes, round faces suit elongated, asymmetrical hats, square faces suit hats that sit low on the forehead. There’s no substitute for trying on lots of different styles and seeing what works though!

If you’re looking for a good investment piece, a neutral colour that can be worn with different coloured outfits is always a smart idea.

You probably know already that there’s a minefield of hat etiquette. Technically you should only remove your hat after mother of the bride removes hers, often around the end of the meal – however if you love a massive hat like most of us, this is sometimes not that practical! Men however should always remove hats indoors or when talking to women. Hats usually look better when the hair is worn up, so fashionable women in the past would need a hairdresser to help them put on their hat, as well as to take if off again!

And a quick word on wearing your hat. Don’t wear it too high, hats and headpieces are usually most flattering just above the eyebrow and if your hat is asymmetric, the lower side should sit on the right.

Is that all clear? Good! Time to go shopping!


ps here is Ellies Favourite hat designer. Philip Treacy the most epic hat designer ever!


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