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Wedding Planners – an over the top extravagance or a wedding essential?


With spiralling wedding budgets and the wonderful world of Pinterest to give us thousands of fabulous wedding ideas, are wedding planners just an over the top expense or a wedding essential? We spoke to Sarah from Confetti and Cocktails wedding planning to tell us her thoughts:

“These days a lot more couples are turning to wedding planners to help organise their big day. Some people see this as extravagant – an American import that is over the top and an unnecessary luxury. But a staggering 70% of couples say that they wish they had a planner for all or part of their wedding build up. Here are my top three reasons why every couple needs a planner to negotiate them through the minefield that is the crazy world of weddings:

  1. Because you have a dream of your day and deserve the best…

When I was young I loved to watch Blue Peter and try to make all the home craft projects. On one occasion, I set out to make a dolls bed for my Barbie and Ken. The thing was, I was 7 years old, and my skills, try as I might, were not up to those of Yvette Fielding. Despite my vision and dream, it didn’t end well. Barbie wasn’t happy. Ken was fuming. And my dislike of Yvette Fielding began. But I digress. My point is that weddings are no different. You may have this amazing idea of what you see your day looking like – table decorations; flowers; the whole drama and staging, but if you don’t quite have the skill to match it, you will probably end up disappointed.

Wedding planners know the experts; know the suppliers and are paid to make sure that doesn’t happen. They will work with you to get inside your mind so that your dream is the reality. No sad Barbie in sight!

  1. Because wedding budgets can and will spiral…

How many times have you been shopping with a list and a budget? You know your limit. But then you see a special offer. Or a must have pair of boots. And that budget goes out the window, along with your self-control. Weddings are this but magnified by a thousand. Most couples will over spend as they will forget costs, or not realise those that are unseen until it’s too late. A wedding planner won’t let that to happen. They will be that voice of reason and hold the purse strings. And you will thank them for it!

  1. Because you have a life…

Weddings take a lot of time and energy. We are talking 200-250 hours at least. You have to remember all the aspects; and often delegate to unwilling friends and family. Most people wouldn’t say, “I know, I work full time but I feel what my life needs is a part time job”, so why take on your wedding single handed?

Busy professionals just don’t have time, and that’s not being dramatic, and Kardashian, that’s modern life. Wedding planners however do have time. This is their world – let them help you through it and your wedding will thrive.

Wedding planners are an added extra but one that you can’t live without if you want to stay sane; have the wedding you always dreamed of and not be left with the debt of a small third world country. Ask yourself not if you can afford a wedding planner, but can you afford not to? They may even show you their Blue Peter badge if you’re lucky. ”

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